About us

LANT Project

LANT is a student initiative at the Landscape Architecture program in Nürtingen. With LANT we want to create a platform that shows what is happening in landscape architecture: A place to exchange and discuss ideas, a knowledge pool for everyone. LANT lives from the commitment of students and professors!


The LANT homepage was created by a group of students together with Prof. Rainer Sachse and designed, programmed and filled with content by Jakob Autenrieth, Olivia Begue, Elias Braun, Jonas Dehner, Josepha Eichhorn, Hannes Essig, Tanja Gegenfurtner, Lisa Gerk, Julia Gensicke, Astrid Gürtler, Dennis Häußler, Johannes Odenwäller, Tamara Kunkel, Laura Maier-Sohn, Lawrence Redford, Marisa Reimann, Vincent Sorbi, Janessa Schneider, Matthias Schucker and Jan Wenz.

Thanks To

We would like to thank the state of Baden-Württemberg, which funded the project through the HUMUS program.
We thank the Nürtingen-Geislingen University of Applied Sciences and the student body for their support!
Furthermore, we would like to thank all students and professors who make LANT possible with their input and commitment. With your contributions the website is flourishing!

You want to join LANT, have ideas for further development, criticism or suggestions for improvement? Then get in touch with us here.