Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Sigurd Henne


Work focus

Building construction
Vegetation planning
Plant knowledge
Water systems/ infiltration systems
Engineering Biology
Care and maintenance/ vegetation management

What makes the profession of landscape architect:

For me, being a landscape architect is still one of the most beautiful professions, because landscape architecture wonderfully combines artistic, cultural and social aspects, the structural with the horticultural, the plant with the stone, the design with the planning, the free with the shaped and the experimental with the standardized. I am still fascinated by the fact that it is (also) always a matter of discovering, inventing, developing and then turning into reality a piece of the imaginative in a seemingly mundane task.

What I like to recommend to my students:

The diversity of the field means that one can only ever have too little knowledge and skills in the many areas. I would therefore like to introduce students to the variety and richness of the many different aspects and levels of the professional field and to awaken their enthusiasm. The breadth of the professional field makes it possible for everyone to find an area that suits his (her) own abilities. For me, studying also means dealing with the uncomfortable and growing from it. All in all, I want to anchor and deepen their creativity, attentiveness, clear thinking, craftsmanship, social responsibility, and creative and cultural openness.

My tips for your studies:

I advise you to take enough time and rest for thinking for all tasks of the study. This is the only way to understand more complex aspects of the task and find appropriate solutions. Stay curious, travel and look beyond the subject. Let yourself be inspired by other design approaches, disciplines, cultures and artistic impulses. I hope that you will learn from many things (and hopefully also from your professors), but still keep your “own head”.