Here you can find out from students and graduates why they chose the LA course, what they do in their free time in Nürtingen and why exactly they chose Nürtingen as their location. You might find the answer to the question “Why Nürtingen?!” here…

Daniela comes from Berlin and tells us why she studies in Nürtingen and why she finds it so great here

Robert now works in San Francisco. Why he can recommend studying at the HfWU you can see in the video

Jochen finds the great projects and the familiar character of the university especially good at the HfWU

Dominik especially likes the fact that you don’t just sit in the lecture hall but that a lot happens outside


Manuel talks about what you can do in Nürtingen


Luc finds the quality of the lecture content but also the professors especially great

These guys will tell you what it’s like to live in a dormitory

Janina comes from NRW and explains the advantages of studying at the HfWU

Fabius lives in the dormitory on the campus. He does not only like the infrastructure for this reason!