Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Sachse


Work focus

Landscape architecture in urban space
Urban planning
Urban Design
experimental design

What makes the profession of landscape architect:

The profession is incredibly diverse; I can’t think of any other profession that has such a spectrum: from development concepts for entire cities to small-scale details. That opens up the possibility for everyone to find their own focus. If you ask people what places in the city they like best, they usually name squares, parks or promenades, playgrounds and sports fields. It’s great to be able to design such places for people!

What I like to recommend to my students:

Go through the world with open eyes, see what makes our environment beautiful, exciting and alive!

My tips for your studies:

Thinking outside the box! Get inspiration by looking at architecture, design and art – and also observe social changes. And also: enjoy the things you design as often as possible: spend time in squares, in parks, in gardens – so that you design open spaces from the heart!