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What is ARTUR?

At the Campus Braike of the HfWU Nürtingen a student initiative was founded in the winter semester 2015, which wants to create a place for students. The aim of the initiative is to improve the quality of the stay and to promote the exchange between students of different semesters and courses of study. Through renovation measures on the campus, the pavilion could be opened as a work and recreation room for students. Thanks to the cooperation with the university, the reconstruction could be started in March 2016. This was realized through the commitment and financial input of the students. In the course of this, work rooms and a café were set up, which opened in April 2016.

Against plastic cups

It is important to us to raise awareness for sustainability and to counteract the trend towards coffee-to-go cups. For this reason, all beverages in the ARTUR are sold in porcelain cups or glasses, which can also be taken away for a deposit. In this way, we try to prevent piles of garbage from paper cups. Moreover, the coffee tastes better in porcelain.

Regional products

As students of the University of Applied Sciences, the university region is very close to our hearts. That's why we sell regional products in Café ARTUR, some of which are organically grown or fair trade products. In addition to the regional aspect, we place great value on the quality of the products. For example, we purchase ice cream from the Nürtingen ice cream manufacturer "Martosca", the coffee beans are fairly traded and are roasted for us in Aalen by the Diakonie. We also sell apple juice from the university's own orchards. Alternative brands complete the offer. Translated with (free version)


A place to think and work, a place where you feel comfortable and can sit together in a comfortable atmosphere. The opportunity to develop and implement creative ideas in groups and as individual work. Plans are forged and discarded, sketches are drawn and crumpled up, models are cut, glued and formed. There is also enough space for team meetings, corrections and tutorials. Due to the meeting of different semesters there is a lively exchange of ideas and suggestions among each other, which motivates to continue. All this is now possible thanks to ARTUR. Translated with (free version)