A lively exchange about the tasks, goals and possibilities of landscape architecture should take place at the university. Therefore the lecture series impulse was created. On several dates a year, renowned planners* from Germany and abroad report on their current activities, their philosophy and their visions for the future of landscape architecture.

Contact: Prof. Rainer Sachse, Prof. Birgit Kröniger

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BIM presentation by Matthias Funk

scape Landschaftsarchitekten Matthias Funk 16. Dezember 2019 BIM landscape Is a digital revolution in landscape architecture on the horizon with →BIM (Education Information Modeling)? Are BIM and good design compatible? Most offices and even universities already have BIM-enabled CAD and AVA software, but they are not using the potential of these tools, so the CAD software is only used as a computer-aided drawing table. In his lecture, Matthias Funk will

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