scape Landschaftsarchitekten

Matthias Funk

16. Dezember 2019

BIM landscape

Is a digital revolution in landscape architecture on the horizon with →BIM (Education Information Modeling)? Are BIM and good design compatible? Most offices and even universities already have BIM-enabled CAD and AVA software, but they are not using the potential of these tools, so the CAD software is only used as a computer-aided drawing table. In his lecture, Matthias Funk will present the basics, potentials and problems of an integrated BIM planning process in landscape architecture. Matthias Funk is partner in the scape Landschaftsarchitekten office and chairman of the BIM working group of the BDLA.

Picture: scape Landschaftsarchitekten

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Montag, 16.12.2019
17:00 Uhr

HFWU Standort Braike
Schelmenwasen 4, Foyer

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