What is landscape architecture?

Landscape architects handle all planning tasks that do not concern building architecture; they deal with “everything that does not have a roof on it”. Landscape architecture or open space planning thus covers an extremely wide range of tasks, from house gardens, parks and city squares to large-scale concepts for entire districts or landscape areas.

Landscape architecture refers to the technical and creative use of private and public open spaces. Here, it is necessary to plan spaces for people under the aspects of aesthetics, economy and ecology. The course combines creativity, nature and technology. Landscape architecture requires a broad spectrum of knowledge and works interdisciplinarily with other disciplines such as architecture, urban planning and landscape design.

As a landscape architect you have the best career prospects – all our graduates currently find a job in the shortest possible time!
Through our 8-semester course of study (as opposed to a 6-semester course of study) you can join the Chamber of Architects after two years of practical experience and thus become a fully-fledged landscape architect.

Study contents


After your studies of landscape architecture (Bachelor of Engineering) you are able to:


Foundation course

1. – 3. Semester

Choice of specialisation

Planning and building

Focus: Technical-constructive solution and implementation of planning tasks. Intensive examination of the subject area of implementation planning, construction management and construction supervision.

4. – 8. Semester

Planning and designing

Focus: Solving complex planning and design tasks including technical-constructive detail solutions using appropriate and modern communication techniques (e.g. 3D visualization).

4. – 8. Semester

Master's programme