In-Depth Study Design and Planning

4. - 8. Semester


4. Semester

Fundamentals of Urban Design

Here you will learn the urban planning, structural engineering, traffic planning and legal principles of urban development.

Here you will put the knowledge you have acquired in “Fundamentals of Urban Design” into practice with an urban design.

Vegetation planning 3

In this module, your plant knowledge will be further deepened. You will also develop a planting plan that takes into account the given framework conditions.

Being able to communicate your design idea to others – whether visually or verbally – is very important to your future professional success and is therefore taught to you in this module.

During a design in public space you increase your confidence in design methodology and train your design and plan presentation.


5. Semester

Practical semester

Now it’s time to immerse yourself in the professional life of a landscape architect for six months. During your internship semester, you can choose whether you want to work in a planning office or a public authority – in Germany or abroad.


6. Semester

Construction process 1

In this module, you will create your first own cost estimate and specifications. You will also learn about the objectives and methods of tendering/awarding in landscaping.

Building materials science and quality assurance

Here you will get an overview of the building materials and building products used in landscape architecture and their quality and sustainable use.

Building construction 4 LAE

The main focus of Structural Design IV is the design and construction of bridges, walkways and observation platforms.

Your design repertoire will be further completed while solving a complex problem in a metropolitan context.

Here you can choose a course according to your interests.


7. Semester

Designing Landscape

You will develop a design for a suburban landscape in a concrete project.

Open Space Management

In this module, you will learn about the goals, tasks and methods for the maintenance and vegetation management of open spaces – especially in public spaces.

In this module you will expand your knowledge of implementation planning. You will deal with the construction details of a complex landscape architecture project.

Here you can choose a course according to your interests.


8. Semester

Workshop integrating planning

As part of a workshop, you will work on an outstanding planning project and develop a standing-grip design in group work.

Elective module

Here you can choose a course according to your interests.

Bachelor thesis

oral bachelor thesis