Kukuk Spiel- und Sinnesräume

Robin Wagner

Robin Wagner, artistic director and managing director of KuKuK Spiel- und Sinnesräume, presents his philosophy and working methods in a lecture at the Department of Landscape Architecture.
KuKuk develops, plans and builds unique experiential, play and outdoor spaces for people of all ages throughout Europe. Complex and dynamic structures invite people to climb, shimmy, hop, balance and train motor skills, mobility, strength, endurance and coordination; they enable a variety of sensory perceptions and provide opportunities for communication.
Photos: KuKuK

With its spaces, KuKuk aims to promote independent and direct experience of reality as well as spontaneous and holistic interaction with the natural environment. Special emphasis is placed on the integration of future users in the planning process. KuKuk cultivates the culture of participation, because children, young people and adults should be able to influence processes in their living environment with their ideas, interests and wishes. Materials from sustainable production are used, and whenever possible, natural elements are integrated into the playscapes. Robin Wagner and his staff have a pioneering role that attracts attention throughout Germany and Europe.