The BUFALA is not only a nationwide but meanwhile even an international organization of all
students of landscape planning, landscape architecture, landscape construction, landscape ecology and other
other related courses of study. Since 1989, universities from Austria and Switzerland have also participated in the events of the Bundesfachschaft. The idea of a cross-university organization, networking and information of the students is mainly implemented at the annual conference (the LASKO), which takes place at a different location. The aim is to familiarize the participants with
different areas of their professional profile and to familiarize them with the challenges of future fields of work.

Ein paar Eckdaten zur Geschichte des Vereins

Before LASKO, there was first the ELFG (Symposium of Students of Nutrition, Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture).

after a break, the first BuFaK took place in Hanover in parallel as a student counterweight to the Hochschulkonferenz Landschaft (HKL) of the professors, which was followed by the next BuFaK in 1987 in Berlin and 1988 in Osnabrück.

in Nürtingen, the BuKaK was renamed InFaK (since Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands participated). There, the event was renamed LAndschaftsPflegeKOnferenz – LAPKO.


the first LAPKO was held in Vienna. Events under this name followed in 1991 in Höxter, 1992 in Weihenstephan, 1993 in Kassel, 1994 in Essen, 1995 in Erfurt and 1996 in Bernburg.

the association BuFaLa e. V. was founded at the LAPKO in Osnabrück and the event was renamed to LandschaftsArchitekturStudierendenKOnferenz – LASKO for short.

After 1998
LASKO was held in 1998 in Nürtingen, 1999 in Neubrandenburg, 2000 in Höxter, 2001 in Weihenstephan, 2002 in Dresden, 2003 in Hannover, 2004 in Berlin, 2005 in Kassel, 2006 in Nürtingen, 2007 in Höxter, 2008 in Freising near Munich, 2009 in Dresden, 2010 in Hannover, 2011 in Vienna (AT), 2012 in Freising, 2013 in Rapperswil (CH) and 2014 in Höxter.

Board of Directors:
The association’s headquarters have been located in Nürtingen again since January 2015. In 2015, the Nürtingen University of Applied Sciences will host LASKO 2015 under the motto “albtraum – zwischen Biosphärengebiet und Ballungsraum”.