3. Semester

Designing for specific Usergroups


Spontaneusly Desinging
Little Venice Constance

Constance has a central function and is located in the closer cooperation area of Switzerland in the agglomeration of Constance/ Kreuzlingen. The border to Switzerland no longer exists. Today, an art border with artistically high-quality objects replaces the original border and transforms it into a positively experienced line. The so far heterogeneous and mixed-use spaces and areas in the former border area of Constance/Kreuzlingen are to be further developed as networking axes, serve as recreational areas for the entire population and give the two cities a face again – through a strong urban and landscape image with a high level of identity and quality of stay. 

Supervisor: Prof. Rainer Sachse, Prof. Cornelia Bott, Franziska Korn, Annika Werner, Nico Gaulocher