6. Semester

International projects


Excursion Budapest / Vienna
 As part of the elective “International Projects” we went to Budapest and Vienna for a week. There, we had a look at modern squares and buildings, innovative lighting concepts as well as concepts for facade greening. In addition, we learned about new planning tasks in landscape architecture through lectures by Prof. Eszter Bakay (Szent István University), Mag. Lisa Jesner (GRÜNSTATTGRAU), Ing. Mag. Gerald Wötzl (MA 33), Jürgen Preiss (MA 22) and Bernhard Scharf (Green4Cities). Each student could sign up in advance to work on a project in Budapest or Vienna and make on-site analyses as well as pictures.
We were accompanied on the city tours by Arne Hübner (guiding architects Budapest) in Budapest and by Felicitas Konecny (architectural tours Vienna) in Vienna.
Supervisor: Prof. Nicole Pfoser
Pictures: Max Burg, Sabrina Glos, Helen Schollenberger und Josepha Eichhorn