6. Semester

Solving complex Designtasks


lost in transition

As part of the renowned Linne competition, they are to design the “Passagenpark” on the Tiefstackkanal in Hamburg-Billbrook under the motto “lost in transition. The question for the Otto Linne Prize 2016 ties in with the future urban development of Hamburg. The urban spaces in the eastern part of Hamburg offer enormous development potential for new housing, modern industrial and commercial structures, and for combining water and greenery. The urban space to be considered in the focus area “Am Tiefstackkanal” is an industrial area that is currently being revitalized and modernized by the Senate on the basis of the emerging action concept.

We could win the 1st and the 4th prize in the competition!

Supervisor: Prof. Rainer Sachse,
Prof. Siegfried Gass